Rent & Utilities

Get help with rent & utilities

Get help with your rent, utilities–including water, gas and electricity–and mortgage at AZCEND. Financial assistance is available through Neighborhood Assistance Services (NAS), formerly Community Action Program (CAP).

Location, phone number, hours and steps to apply are provided below.

Neighborhood Assistance Services


345 S California St, Chandler, AZ 85225


480-963-1423, x126


Monday – Friday, 7:30 am – 4:00pm
Tuesday, 7:30 am – 6:00 pm

How to apply

All Rent & Utility Assistance requires an appointment with our qualified Case Managers. This appointment can be made in person at your local AZCEND office or over the phone at 480-963-1423.

Once you have an appointment, please bring all of the required documents below.

List of documents you MUST provide in order to receive any assistance:

  • Completed Application. NAS Application
  • Social Security cards for ALL household members, CAP 2 or Household Summary print out from DES, print out from Social Security Office showing social security numbers
  • US Birth Certificates, Certificates of Naturalization, US Passport, Permanent Residence Cards for ALL household members or Current decision letter stating eligibility for Food Stamps or Cash Assistance
  • If you or a member of the household is disabled, provide a statement from your doctor verifying disability
  • Proof of income for ALL household members for the last 30 days

o   Award letters for Cash Assistance or Social Security benefits: SS, SSI, SSDI

o   Pay stubs for last 30 days for all household members

o   Child support payment history for last 30 days and Atlas number

o   Unemployment ‘Weekly Claims Information’ print out for last 30 days from

o   Survival statements or letters from friends or relatives who have provided assistance

o   If self-employed:

    • Journal or ledger including name, phone number, and amount paid for all clients in the last 90 days.

o   If no longer employed:

    • Statement from the most recent previous employer stating last day worked, reason for release, date last pay was issued, gross amount, vacation and sick pay received.

o   If starting new employment:

    • Statement from your employer stating start date, rate of pay, hours schedule to work and pay date schedule

o   If there has been NO INCOME in the past 30 days:

    • Bank statement if surviving on savings


List of documents you MUST provide for Rental Assistance:

  • Current Lease Agreement
  • Past Due Rent/Mortgage Letter and W 9 form completed by the landlord or mortgage company. Landlord’s signature cannot be more than 10 days as of the date of the appointment including weekends. If Landlord is located out of state, a faxed copy is acceptable. RENT/MORTGAGE FORM HERE 


  • If applicable 5-day notice or eviction notice if you have received one

o   Verification of Loss of income within the last 90 days

o   Verification of Reduction of income within the last 90 days

o   Receipts from unplanned or unexpected expenses that occurred in last 90 days (car repairs, medical, or funeral expenses)

o   Verification of Health and Safety condition that endangers the household (condemned property, infestation, domestic violence) that occurred in the last 90 days


List of documents you MUST provide for Utility Assistance:

  • Most recent APS, SRP, or SWG utility bills – all pages of bill required 
  • M-Power clients must bring recent receipt with account number or last 30 days payment history
  • Utility Deposits: Verification that rent and rental deposit has been paid. Copies of receipts of paid rent/rental deposit.
  • Utility Information Release Authorization. FORM HERE
  • Completed Home Energy Assistance Fund Application. FORM HERE


List of documents you MUST provide for Housing Repairs/Weatherization:

  • Title/Deed for home
  • Property tax statement for home
  • Most recent water bill


Please note, failure to bring ANY of the above items could result in a delay or reschedule of your appointment. Please email for information on acceptable substitutes PRIOR to your appointment


Did you know?

Last year, 345 utility disconnects and 274 evictions were prevented keeping people in their homes.