Warehouse Coordinator

Reports to: Food Bank Manager

Position Summary: The Warehouse Coordinator is responsible for the management and maintenance of the Food Bank Warehouse, ensuring a clean, safe, and organized environment and a well-stocked food supply to benefit customers of the Chandler Food Bank program. Also responsible the daily transportation and inventory of donated food, and maintenance and safe handling of the vehicles, machinery, and tools used in the course of daily business. Represents the agency in the community and among donors and suppliers.

Duties include:

Warehouse Management
• Maintain a clean, well-organized, and safe arrangement and storage of food items in the food bank warehouse.
• Inspect product donations to assure that safety and sanitation standards are met.
• Store refrigerated and frozen products in appropriate areas in cooler and freezer with identifying tags. Dry product is put in proper location.
• Have working knowledge of Feeding America’s warehouse practices and pertinent manuals and materials related to food bank operations
• Rotate warehouse items as appropriate
• Ensure warehouse equipment, vehicles and facilities are in good working order; conduct or schedule preventative maintenance on vehicles, as needed and comply with ADOT regulations and maintain proper vehicle logs on a daily basis.
• Assure cleanliness of equipment, vehicles and entire warehouse.
• Ensure all food storage areas meet health code requirements and receives excellent ratings on health inspections.
• Observe safety practices while in the warehouse as well as operating warehouse equipment including, but not limited to, the forklift and Food Bank delivery vehicles. Alert Food Bank Manager of unsafe conditions/practices.
• Train, coordinate schedules and monitor warehouse volunteers
• Ensure the safety of all persons entering and departing the warehouse. Ensure the training and adherence of safe practices by all staff, volunteers and agency representatives working in or visiting the food bank warehouse.
• Maintain all current licenses, certifications and medical cards in accordance with State and Federal mandated requirements.
• Assure compliance with safety standards, AZ Department of Health, ADOT and AZ Dept of Agriculture regulation and with all Feeding America warehouse operations standards

Food Handling

• Coordinate the pick up, unloading, and proper storage of donated foods from food drives, stores, restaurants, gleaning (post-harvesting) and other entities.
• Drive truck / van to pick up donations from stores and organizations in a timely manner
• Develop and implement efficient delivery schedules and routes
• Receive donated food; weigh and record receipt of food, sort and eliminate food items unfit for distribution to clients.


• Maintain records and inventory and prepares reports as required.
• Ensure inventory information is accurate, reliable and accessible; spot check inventory monthly. Notify Food Bank Manager of any risk for shortages or inadequate supply to meet client needs.
• Prepare documentation for shipping, receiving, unloading, and warehousing of product, as defined by CCCC policies and procedures, and ensure accurate computer entry of inventory data to ensure uniformity and quality to maximize efficiency and provide accurate and detailed reports.
• Maintain accurate records of vehicle operations and maintenance on a daily basis.
• Record fuel usage as well as miles/time data as required by food bank and other regulatory entities

Customer Service

• Maintain positive relations with agencies, food bank staff, donors and volunteers to foster continued support and a professional working relationship.
• Provide excellent customer service to agency customers
• Promote team culture in all working relationships with staff and volunteers
• Work with volunteers when assigned to do so. Provide those volunteers with guidance as needed.

Other Duties

• Keep Food Bank Manager informed of trends, concerns, successes, and other issues requiring attention.
• Training and other duties as assigned

Qualifications and Experience:

• High school diploma/GED and a minimum of two years post-secondary education; Bachelor’s Degree in related field preferred.
• Two years related work experience in a similar position preferred
• A combination of post-secondary education and related work experience that totals a minimum of four years (combined) may be considered in lieu of a Bachelor’s degree.
• Must be able to work 40 hours/week; Monday through Friday. Flexibility to work some evenings/weekends
• Demonstrated ability to operate forklift and other warehouse equipment; a minimum of one year preferred
• Knowledge of safe food handling/storage, product rotation and warehousing best practices.
• Ability to lift and/or move items weighing up to 70 pounds consistently, up to 250 pounds occasionally, and to push items that may weigh up to 1,800 pounds.
• Frequent lifting and bending; full range of motion in lower and upper extremities and use of back; long periods of standing
• Must be able to withstand temperature changes from repeated exposure to cold while working with inventory in CCCC’s walk-in refrigerator and freezer
• Demonstrates dependability, service attitude, and strong organizational skills
• Strong math and written communication skills and able to interface with internal and external customers.
• Bilingual preferred with the ability to write, read and speak both in Spanish and English.
• Ability to work in a team environment.
• Strong computer skills including Internet and Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel) and internet-based applications.
• Works well independently with minimum supervision in determining most efficient and cost-effective methods to conduct warehouse operations and transportation services.
• Knowledge of warehouse operations, practices, procedures and standards.
• Positive attitude and ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
• Excellent interpersonal and relationship skills
• Ability to supervise a diverse group of volunteers
• Experience working with volunteers and/or clients from diverse backgrounds
• Must have a valid Arizona Driver’s License and a clean driving record and be responsible for any traffic violations whether moving or parking occurring during the course of business

To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Shawna Fellenz, Program Operations Director, at shawna@chandlerfoodbank.org.