Volunteer of the Month: Bob Newman

Bob Newman has only been volunteering at the Gilbert Senior Center for the last 8 months but in that time he has made a big impact on us! Bob was initially looking for something to do a couple times a week so that he could get out of the house.  Although he is scheduled for neck surgery 8/24, he has assured us that as soon as he is able, he will call us to get back to active duty.

Many of our volunteers take time off during the summer leaving us with lots of gaps to fill and we have used Bob as a fill in for practically everyone who volunteers! He is always willing to learn a new position.  Bob has run the sign-in desk for lunch and has also called bingo on Fridays for us.  The bingo players loves his big boisterous voice!

Bob we can’t thank you enough for all that you do for us. Your support helps us accomplish our mission.