After Experiencing Homelessness, Henry Seizes a Second Chance

Henry had been an I-HELP client previously, but by his own admission he had not accepted the personal responsibility and accountability integral to his success. He first learned of Chandler Christian Community Center’s I-HELP program through a Google search. Henry had long struggled with alcohol and drug abuse, however, and at that time was not willing to seek help. While previously participating in I-HELP, Henry had secured housing but was unable to pay his rent, spending his limited funds to purchase drugs and alcohol.

“I am seriously committed to pursuing and achieving my long term goals of employment, sobriety and housing.”

Homeless again, Henry returned to I-HELP three months after his first enrollment. Daniel, the CCCC I-HELP Case Manager, asked Henry how he planned to succeed this time. Henry replied with sincerity, “I am seriously committed to pursuing and achieving my long term goals of employment, sobriety and housing.” He added, “I will promise you that before the end of one week, I will have secured employment.” Henry sounded like a person filled with hope and purpose. Daniel gave Henry an opportunity to make the most of his precious second chance by connecting him to the resources needed to meet his goals, and Henry was added to the I-HELP “Bed List.”

During his first week with I-HELP, Henry applied for a job with a number of employers, just as he promised. By the end of his first week with I-HELP, Henry was hired to work in a Chandler hotel, earning more than minimum wage. By the end of his second week of employment, Henry provided the case manager with his pay stub, time sheet and money order, representing 75% of his wages, to save as the down payment for his housing when a suitable home became available. Never doubting he could achieve his objective through pure diligence and drive, Henry’s self-esteem, purpose and direction was unwavering! Perhaps most importantly, Henry was now clean for an extended period of time.

After another two weeks of employment, Henry received his paycheck. On that very weekend, he moved into his new residence, breaking the cycle of chronic homelessness within a month of entering I-HELP Chandler!

Henry both learned and demonstrated the importance of seizing that very precious second chance. The CCCC I-HELP staff is grateful to have been a part of Henry’s journey to a better life; one in which he continues to achieve his greatest potential while being an asset to his employer and community.