Senior Program Manager Celebrates Smooth Transition to CCCC

My name is Kelly Delgado and I’ve been working in the Senior Nutrition Program for 16 years. This program is near and dear to my heart. Providing meals, socialization, exercise, special events and other activities to the elderly and disabled has become an important part of my life.

In 2012, I was working as the Senior Program Manager when I heard the organization I was employed by needed to focus on other projects. They would no longer be able to provide the Senior Nutrition Program and CAP (Community Action Program) offices in Gilbert or Chandler. I was concerned for the participants and wondered what this could mean to my family’s finances. We were told the organization was committed to finding a home for our programs and hoped the transition would be a smooth one.

That’s when Chandler Christian Community Center stepped in. CCCC interviewed senior center and CAP employees and hired us to manage the programs as we had been doing all along. The transition from one organization to another was seamless. Participants wouldn’t have known there was a change of organizations if we hadn’t shared the information with them. No one missed a meal; we didn’t stop activities from happening, CAP services were still provided every day and employees never missed a paycheck.

It’s been four years and I am proud to say CCCC is committed to the people it serves as well as its employees. CCCC has invested and supported me to become a better manager and helped me realize I am a leader in the community. They encouraged me to join Gilbert Leadership and have provided hours of staff development and supervisor training. CCCC also makes every effort to shop and provide affordable benefits to its employees and their families. CCCC’s mission is to change lives by nourishing minds and bodies to create a connected, thriving community; that’s exactly what CCCC has done for me!

Thank you CCCC for protecting the Senior Nutrition Program, all the support you provide in the community and for giving me new opportunities. I am forever grateful!