Program Corner: Homeless Programs

Our Homeless Programs consists of 3 different housing interventions to move clients from homeless to permanent housing in the shortest amount of time needed.

Interfaith Homeless and Emergency Lodging Program (I-HELP) was our first homeless housing program.  We work with local congregations and partners to house and feed individuals who are experiencing homelessness.  Our day to day operations are managed by our I-HELP Coordinator, Roxanna Nava.  Clients are able to stay in I-HELP up to 90 days.  While in the program they are assisted with resumes, budgeting, healthcare needs, and job readiness.  Our I-HELP Case Manager, Priscilla Acero develops a 90 day play for each incoming client.

Our Tenant-Based Rental Assistance (TBRA) Program provides assistance to individual households to help them afford the housing costs of market-rate units. At move-in, Case Manager, Maria Macias works alongside clients to develop goals to improve finances and self-sufficiency.  A timeline is set for each goal with the end result for the client to take over the full cost of their market rate rent.

In 2017, Rapid Re-Housing was added to our list of Homeless Programs here at AZCEND.  Rapid Re-Housing is designed to move households quickly from homelessness back into permanent housing.  This program is designed to meet the specific needs of each household. Rapid Re-Housing is also less expensive than other traditional housing interventions.  Assistance varies depending on the exact needs of each individual/family.  Our Rapid Re-Housing case manager is Jeanette Sanchez.