November Financial Donors 2018


Chandler Compadres Inc
Congressional Church of the Valley
Evident Life
Evident Life Ministires
For Our City Gilbert/ Care Inc.
Memory Maker Photography
New Heights Church
Nina Mason Pulliam
Risen Savior Lutheran Church
Sun Lakes Lions Foundation
TJX Foundation



Lisa Aiello
Duane and Ailene Anderson
Clinton & Judith Anderson
Gerald and Irene Anstett
Susan Arnoux
James and Kristi Anne Arthur
Xiao Bai
Douglas Baker
Monica & Derek Casillas
Catherine Christoffell
M J Cline
Fran Cook
Nancy Corder
Mary Cravens
D.D. and P.E. Crocker
Mason Cutler
Allison Davis
Charles and Kathryn Deuth
Gary and Carol Dubois
Janet and Charles Fasciana
Trygve and Leann Fekjan
Shawna Fellenz
T.W. and Marc Fortner
Anthony and Barbara Fox
Jane Frankhauser
Kristi and Mark Garcia
Christine & Todd Goldberg
Charles and Linda Goodwin
Carl and Candace Graber
Craig & Cynthia Haglin
Michael and Selma Halleck
Arnold and Julia Hastings
Robert H and Diane D Jernigan
B. and J.T. Kane
Rita Kasperski
Charles and Marilyn Keck
James & Linda Kesler
Lisa & Kurt Knab
Thomas and Ann Plocher Korplaski
Orene and Cindy Larson
Joanne Lewis
Darleen and Sara Lindstrom
Phyllis Lopp
Robert Lowe
Lyle Mann
Loyd Means II
Susan & Michael Mefford
James Mitchell
Marjorie and Allen Murphy
Jonathan and Susan Myres
Keith and Donna Nelson
Eugene and Virginia Nelson
Bryan and Kathleen Newman
Michael and Debra Nigbur
Brenda Hoese and Reid Nimmer
Nancy and David Ohlund
Pamela Paes
Larry Palmer
Bill and Linda Pauley
Linda Peiffer
Scott Pitts
Carol Pogatchnik
Leah Powell
Tessa Randall
Susan Rapka
Ted and Lynda Carole Reddy
Mahlon and Carolyn Reep
Larry and Gloria Richardson
Barbara Riley
Barry and Romell Ritchie
George and Carla Robertson
Ron Rohrbacker
Jack and Kathleen Schnabel
Paul and Beverly Schuenenman
Joyce Schwartz
Nancy Sears
Marcia Shirk
Carolyn and Jeffrey Singer
Leonard and Leona Skeate
Gary and B. E. Solomonson
Jan Spence
Jean Steinberger
Michael and Barbara Stewart
Ward and Nora Stone
Sue and Robert Strauch
Susan and Larry Swanson
Julie Swartling
Debra Sweet
Robert and Sherri Tanner
Jennifer Thompson
Kelly Valverde
Srilatha Viene
Ray and Karen Welker
Marvin and Kay Wellik
Stanley and Anna Wengrzyn
J or S Vogelsang Wetzel
H. Wayne and Marsha Wheeldon
Patrick and Kathryn Wilson
Harvey Zehnder
Nancy Yee