March CEO Message 2018

Spring is in the air, at least in Arizona anyhow. We get out of our homes, ride our bikes, take hikes, spring clean and look at the world around us.  We see needs in our community. We see the need to hold a food drive to help feed people. We see a need to gather friends and neighbors and fix a home cooked meal for 25 people experiencing homelessness in the I-HELP program.  We look and realize that volunteering to deliver meals to a senior that is homebound can enrich their lives.  There are many ways to spend a spring day and help others through our agency- so volunteer today. Another way to enjoy a spring day is to participate in our Walk in the Park to End Poverty on April 14 at 8:00am at Discovery park in Gilbert. Register today to walk with us at  or make a donation to support the walk to end poverty. More details below.

We are gearing up for many spring time events. We have updated our community room and will modify our food bank so that it runs more efficiently. We have our Senior Expo planned for March 14 at our Chandler location.  Coming late spring is the Giggles, Squiggles, and Squirms graduation for the little ones.  If you have not seen this, it is wonderful to see the young children in cap and gown as they step forward into the world of kindergarten. The little ones are so proud of all they have learned. Their parents and families know this early childhood literacy can make all the difference in their future.

Good news; the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit has been extended to April 16, 2018 until you file your 2017 Arizona State Taxes. You can still make a donation this year. Every cent of your donation comes back to AZCEND. Make a donation to AZCEND up to $400 (for individuals) or $800 (for married couples filing jointly). We’ll send you a receipt. You claim the donation on your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit when you file your 2017 state tax return. Get a dollar for dollar credit for every dollar donated when you receive your Arizona State tax return. Please consult your tax preparer for more information.

I leave you with a thought, “We’re all building our world, right now, in real time. Let’s build it better. – Lindy West”

Trinity Signature 2016
Trinity Donovan