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When you donate to AZCEND, you can receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit of up to $400 or $800 from the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit. Please consider giving a monthly recurring donation, as your donation to AZCEND is multiplied. Thank you for making a difference in our community. Arizona provides a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for contributions to organizations that serve the working poor. The allowable tax credit for charitable contributions to a Qualifying Charitable Organization, such as AZCEND, is now $400 for an individual or head of household and $800 for a married couple filing jointly. (Gifts made to a Qualifying Foster Care Agency are a separate credit and you may take both.) Both of these credits are separate from, and in addition to, any school credits for which you may qualify. Please refer to for further information. We encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to help our neighbors in need by making a tax credit gift to AZCEND.

How much would you like to donate? As a contributor to AZCEND we make sure your donation goes directly to supporting our cause. Thank you for your generosity!

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