A Mother is Thankful for Operation Santa


The reason I am writing this thank you letter is to express my greatest thank you so much to all the people involved in the Operation Santa program.

I started coming to CCCC and CAP three years ago. We are one low-income family with a husband and father who supports the five of us. I have severe mental illness, and I’ve also gained weight due to the medication and inability to get adequate exercise, as I live with degenerative disc disease.

In the past two years I wasn’t in time to do the point system, but signed up anyway. The kids just adored their gifts. This year I decided to get with the program and do the point system. I volunteered, got a credit report (which I thought was horrible and it turned out good) I started writing about what I was thankful for and began to think positively. I also lost 12 pounds, and although I have a long way to go, I’ve got a start.

I am usually depressed around the holidays and can be found crying myself to sleep most nights because we have good kids who get excellent grades and deserve a good Christmas. But by doing these positive activities, it helped me to stay “up.”

I get it now, what it means again to go out there and get involved. Kindness is contagious. I’m UP this Christmas (even though I don’t have less on my plate but actually more). I’m UP, and that is a good place to be. I believe the holidays from here on out will be better.

My dad once told me not to use the word I so much but when you’re so thankful I have to express it. Dustin was excellent, patient, organized, knowledgeable, reliable and kind. Now I will use the word You. Thank you! You, you, you, you and you (all of you involved)

Thank you! Merry Christmas!


PS I start a new job after the first of the year, and my back is good.